Past shows

Our first production in October 2017 at the Growl Theatre (Brisbane) featured two one-act plays: “L’uomo nudo e l’uomo in frac” (One Was Nude and One Wore Tails) by Dario Fo and “Il carnevale degli insetti” (Carnival of the Insects) by Stefano Benni.

In May 2018 we performed at the ANFE Italian Club “... la gallina canta” by Achille Campanile.

In October 2018 we went back on stage at the Growl Theatre with “Fumo negli occhi” (Keeping up with the Brandolinis) by Faele and Romano.

In 2020, we started Viva Voce, a series of engaging voice and movement workshops led by Eleonora Ginardi, in which participants experience theatre techniques with a subtle touch of Italian culture and literature.

In May 2021, Danteatro and the Brisbane Dante Alighieri Society celebrated Leonardo Sciascia’s 100th anniversary by performing readings of a poem and excerpts from a play, and a Sicilian song.

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